Maria Lannér

20 years of experience of change management in start-up and growth processes


I can contribute with 20 years of experience in change management in start-up and growth processes in various industries. Both in private and public sector, in international development cooperation and civil society in Sweden and internationally. I have been contracted to build projects and businesses in which an independent and flexible consultant is needed. Assignments have been both short and long term, both strategic and operational, varying from some hours to a few years, containing all tasks needed in a startup and change process.

I also develop and coach groups and individuals so that they reach their desired results and dreams.

How can I support you on your journey of change?

Operational consultancy support

During start-up, transition and growth and when a plan is to be launched, extra operational support is often needed to be able to flexibly meet needs that change both quickly and drastically. I support with both strategic and operational consulting support, at all levels of the growth journey.

Target programming

Target programming is an effective way to visualize desired results and thereby create motivation for a change. With creative processes, I help you create an attractive future image, where you want to go. A memory of the future that gives a kick-start to getting there..

Change Management

Change is a prerequisite for development, and at the same time it is often met with resistance because we humans are governed by our habits and corporate cultures. I coach in all types of change work, both for individuals and groups in companies and organizations.

Coaching leadership

In coaching leadership, the focus is on the individual’s own will for development. As a coaching leader, I support and strengthen the individual’s own drive to achieve their goals and personal development, which in turn provides a positive development for the company, organization, or family.

Paradigm shifts

A paradigm shift is when a thought pattern changes sharply and thus also behavioral patterns. Factors in our world that make it necessary to make a major change in your life or business and create a completely new corporate culture. I will help you on this journey.

Change Leadership

Are you got stuck in the rut? Do you need to undergo a strategic change to achieve set goals and desired results? Together, we work out a process that guides individuals and groups in your organization so that you all achieve your desired results.


Send me an email or give me a call – I am curious about Your change journey:, mobil: +46708666961.