Lectures & Workshops

My lectures and workshops are about leadership in different types of change processes – in both work and private life.

Presentations and workshops also include references to a boating environment, where I share my experiences as a boat coach and personal trainer where I have coached over a thousand individuals, majority couples, to a safer and more harmonious boating life.

These are some topics I like to talk about:

  • How you keep your biological battery in shape
  • The process of learning and how you can challenge your biological autopilot
  • To give and receive feedback
  • To manage your and others’ state of mind and focus in challenging situations
  • Emotional memories – bad as well as good
  • Being extra sensitively gifted – ‘Highly Sensitive Person‘ – and how you can develop this superpower
  • Limiting beliefs – and how to get rid of them
  • The art of leading yourself and others
  • Energy thieves, how to avoid them and and how to avoid becoming one yourself
  • Reality and how you interpret it based on your values and beliefs
  • About how metaphors and symbols can help you achieve the goals of your dreams.
  • How boating and archipelago life benefit your health

I would love to hear about your specific journey of change and I will be happy to give an inspirational lecture tailor-made for your situation: maria@neptunia.se, mobil: +46 708666961.