Some assignments

Amref Flying Doctors expansion in the Nordic

In 2015, Amref’s management in Nairobi decided to make a 5-year investment in developing fundraising in the Nordic region. I was contracted to develop a strategy, budget and fundraising plan and, together with a global team, operationally ensure that set goals were achieved. Within 6 years, the annual fundraising from private donors increased from 900,000 to 14 million kronor and the number of private donors from a few to over 20,000. The “Sweden method” was a success and the methods I was involved in developing are now used to raise funds globally at other Amref offices.

Start-up of the Amref Leadership Academy

When the corona pandemic struck, Amref’s management in Nairobi was quick to create a digital platform for learning and leadership development. With over a thousand employees in 35 countries in Africa, it was important for Amref to keep up with the digital development during the pandemic in order to be a flexible health organization where the coaching leadership has a central role. I was contracted to be involved in producing a foundation for a series of leadership workshops and I also participated as a presenter and workshop leader.

Short term operational support in intensive periods

Some of my longer and more extensive assignments, have started as a shorter operational assignment. It has proven to be a good way to get to know me as a person and consultant but also for me to gain an understanding of clients’ operations. I find it easy to get acquainted with a business and what current needs look like and it often becomes natural after a while to also work more strategically and proactively towards clear goals. Operational support a few hours a week can be about e.g. constitutional administration and financial reporting, help with rigging campaigns and events, mailings, communication in digital channels and on social media.


From Investment company to a Development Finance Institution

As the owner of the governmental investment company Swedfund, it was important for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) to show that Swedfund’s portfolio companies in development countries not only created economic growth but also social and environmental sustainability. Development effects became a new concept that came to characterize not only how Swedfund communicated its business, but how the entire investment process needed to change. My role was to work with Swedfund’s management to maintain a dialogue with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ensure that internal working methods changed and communicate this to the media and other stakeholders.

Awareness-rising of sustainable watersupplies

In Sweden, we take our clean water for granted. Children in many parts of Africa have to walk many miles to fetch water, which is dirty making the children and their families sick when drinking it. Good health is a prerequisite for alleviating poverty. To create a better understanding among Swedish school children of how important it is to create a sustainable water supplies globally, I was contracted to carry out the activity “Walking for Water” in collaboration with the International English School and Amref Flying Doctors.

Dealing with PTSD connected to crises and media attention

A crisis, which has also been widely communicated in the media, can be a trauma for the person or persons involved. And even if an organization or company, or perhaps a personal brand for a long time has had both a crisis and a media crisis plan, it is not possible to fully imagine what it means to be in the middle of heavy media attention. I have coached many clients where I provide support to process the trauma that follows negative and unwanted media attention. Together we re-build self-esteem, make a plan for recovery by creating new positive targets and framing negative emotional memories.

Boat-rehab for unaccompanied youth refugees

In 2015-16, Europe witnessed an unprecedented influx of refugees. A total of 162,877 asylum seekers came to Sweden, many of them unaccompanied youth who had experienced terrible events connected to the sea, when they had traveled by sea across the Mediterranean. Through a collaboration with Aleris accommodation for unaccompanied minors in Mölndal, I carried out boat activities where the youth maneuvered motorboats in order to overcome negative emotional memories and trauma connected to water.

To sell commercial business on a development cooperation arena

For not so long ago, it was not easy to talk about the benefits of the private sector and at the same time talk about development in poor countries. It was a bit like swearing in church. Locating operations in low-wage countries was viewed with skepticism, especially by actors in civil society. My assignments have many times been about communicatively managing the balance in promoting commercial business opportunities for Swedish companies, and defending this incentive against other interest groups in government, politics and actors who work with human rights issues. 

Investment promotion activities in East Africa

It takes time to change attitudes and behavior patterns. I have conducted a number of delegation trips and investment seminars with business angels and company representatives in several different industries. The aim has been to change the view of what is possible when it comes to business and investment in the East African market. These activities have been carried out in collaboration with the Swedish embassies, other promotional actors such as Business Sweden, EKN, SEK and NIR as well as Chambers of Commerce.

Civil-miltary cooperation at the Swedish National Defense College

In connection with an overall organizational change within the Swedish Defense Forces, the Swedish National Defense College (FHS) would go from being a secluded military educational institution to a general, accredited education. Leadership programs, in particular linked to international UN peacekeeping operations, would be opened to the public. In connection with this, I was contracted as a consultant to conduct various activities, seminars, roundtable discussions and courses in civil-military cooperation. These initiatives among others then became the basis for a new authority – – Folke Bernadotte Akademin.

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